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losLab PDF Library is an all-in-one developer kit for Adobe Portable Document rendering, creation & editing, written in Delphi (object Pascal), it also provides ActiveX control, DLL, and macOS Dylib supporting, for virtually all programming languages, including C# and VB.Net. It’s compliant with PDF 1.2-1.7 specifications.

Our library includes hundreds of PDF creation, edit, rendering, form filling, and other manipulation functions for use with Delphi, C++Builder directly with Delphi library /object pascal source codes, or with Visual C++, CSharp, VB6, Visual Basic.NET, VBScript, ASP /ASP.NET, PHP, PowerBuilder, PowerBASIC, RealBasic and other programming languages which support either ActiveX or DLL.

losLab PDF Library provides a full set of functions that allow you to create, modify /edit, render /print, split /merge, encrypt /decrypt, as well as manipulate AcroForms, It also provides Images /Graphics support including BMP, TIFF, JPG /JPEG, GIF, PNG, and EMF format, it supporting TrueType and Type1 font embedding, TrueType font subsetting allowing Unicode text. It also supports advanced javascript scripting functions and includes a full document rasterizer enabling rendering on either screen or printer.

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PDF library all-in-one PDF development kit
Current Version 3.4.1, Supports:

  • Delphi 5-XE8, C++Builder 5-XE8
  • RAD Studio 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio,  10.4 Sydney,  11 Alexandria, 12 Athens
  • Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net, Visual C++, C#
  • VBScript, VBA, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP
  • PowerBASIC, RealBasic, PowerBuilder
  • And many other programming languages
  • Support 64-bit compiling if your IDE supports

For all features of the Delphi PDF developer library, please refer to the help reference.

Key Features

  • PDF Creation, Rendering, and Printing: Generate high-quality PDF documents, render them accurately, and print with precision.
  • PDF Security and Signing: Secure your PDFs with encryption, add digital signatures, and protect your documents.
  • PDF Forms: Create, fill, and edit interactive PDF forms with ease.
  • PDF Manipulation: Split, merge, append, and combine PDF documents effortlessly.
  • Text and Image Extraction: Extract text and images from PDFs for further processing or analysis.
  • Document Properties Editing: Modify the initial view and document properties to suit your needs.
  • Content Addition: Add text, images, and barcodes to your PDF documents seamlessly.
  • Advanced Features: Utilize advanced support for JavaScript, bookmarks, vector graphics, and GeoPDF.
  • Direct Access Functionality: Load and manipulate files directly from disk, bypassing memory for improved performance.

losLab PDF Library provides everything you need to handle PDF documents at any level of complexity. It is the ideal solution for developers looking to integrate powerful PDF capabilities into their applications.

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