HotPDF Delphi PDF Component

HotPDF Delphi PDF component is a Native Object Pascal coded component library for Delphi and C++ Builder. Therefore, it does not use any DLLs or other software to create and edit PDF files, So with it, you can manipulate PDF documents within your Delphi or C++Builder applications quickly, and because it’s highly optimized codes and the footprint is minimal, it works very fast.

HotPDF allows you to create or load existing PDF files and edit them in the following manner:

Print text and draw on a PDF document using it as a canvas;
Add audio, video and text annotations;
Change the size and resolution of specific pages or the whole file;
Add, delete and copy pages;
Encrypt the document;
Edit the document properties.

HotPDF Component Key Features:

  • add vector and raster graphics into PDF documents;
  • protect PDF documents with a password;
  • watermarks and outlines;
  • generating PDF documents with internal and external links, web links, page links, bookmarks;
  • supports Unicode characters;
  • editing and creating JavaScript functions;
  • full font embedding, text formatting, multi-column text, predefined code pages;
  • supporting canvas (HDC), you can draw and display text, copy to and from other classes supporting TCanvas;
  • built-in text and picture compression feature makes it easy to reduce file size;
  • multi-column printing;
  • TIFF to PDF converting;
  • paragraph and justification feature gives detailed control over text printing.

Download HotPDF Component DEMO package (10.3 MB)
Supports Delphi 5 through Delphi 10.3 Rio, C++Builder 6 through C++Builder 10.3 Rio
04/15/2019 v1.8.0, Delphi 5 compiling fix; Multiple minor fixes and improvements.
01/23/2019 v1.7.2, fixed a bug of WMF displaying.

HotPDF Delphi Excel Component with source codes
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losLab PDF Library – All In One PDF Developer Kit

losLab PDF Library is an all-in-one developer kit for Adobe Portable Document rendering, creation & editing, written in Delphi (object pascal), it also provides ActiveX control, DLL and MacOS Dylib supporting, for virtually all programming languages, including C# and VB.Net. It’s compliant with PDF 1.2-1.7 specifications.

Our Library including over hundreds PDF create, edit, rendering, form filling and other manipulation functions for use with Delphi, C++Builder directly with Delphi library /object pascal source codes, or with Visual C++, CSharp, VB6, Visual Basic.NET, VBScript, ASP /ASP.NET, PHP, PowerBuilder, PowerBASIC, RealBasic and other programming languages which support either ActiveX or DLL.

losLab PDF Library provides a full set of functions that allow you to create, modify /edit, render /printing, split /merge, encrypt /decrypt, as well as manipulate AcroForms, It also provides Images /Graphics supporting including BMP, TIFF, JPG /JPEG, GIF, PNG, and EMF format, it supporting TrueType and Type1 font embedding, TrueType font subsetting allowing Unicode text. It also supporting advanced javascript scripting functions, includes a full document rasterizer enabling rendering on either screen or printer.

Download PDF Library DEMO package (76.7 MB)
04/21/2019 v3.2.4, Some improvements have been made to the c# examples.
04/15/2019 v3.2.3, One fix about PNG transparency; Add one sample program.
04/13/2019 v3.2.2, Some examples have been modified and enhanced.
04/10/2019 v3.2.1, Delphi 5 compiling fix.
Current Version 3.2.2, Supports:

  • Delphi 5-XE8, C++Builder 5-XE8
  • RAD Studio 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo, 10.3 Rio
  • Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net, Visual C++, C#
  • VBScript, VBA, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP
  • PowerBASIC, RealBasic, PowerBuilder
  • And many other programming languages
  • Support 64-bit compiling if your IDE supports

PDF library all-in-one PDF development kit
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HotXLS Delphi Excel Component

HotXLS Excel Read Write Library is a high-performance excel read-write component for Delphi and C++Builder. It can write new Excel spreadsheets, as well as reading and modifying existing Excel XLS files.

HotXLS is written in Object Pascal. It does not require Microsoft Excel /Office be installed, It lets you easily read and write Excel .xls files, directly, quickly!

HotXLS Component Key Features:

  • read excel file and write new or existing excel file
  • reading encrypted excel file (password protected)
  • access cell values, including number, string, date, boolean and Excel formula
  • built-in calculation engine which supports excel formula computing
  • support cell attributes: orientation, alignment, borders, comments, background attributes
  • merge /copy /move /delete /insert range of cells, support group rows and columns
  • support font attributes: font, font size/color/decoration
  • support .bmp, .emf, .wmf, .png, .ico and jpeg images
  • support Unicode characters, manipulate excel files written in any languages
  • support hyperlinks, support Excel’s defined names
  • support worksheet attributes: name, protection, selection, outline, and others
  • support printing attributes: page size, orientation, margins, header, footer, page breaks
  • exporting workbooks and worksheets to HTML, RTF and CSV files
  • exporting Database tables or DBGrid to Excel, HTML or RTF files
  • easy migration from OLE-based projects to our HotXLS solution
  • high performance, low memory / CPU usage, easy to use

Download HotXLS Component DEMO package (6.4 MB)
v1.5.1 Supports Delphi 5 through Delphi 10.3 Rio, C++Builder 6 through C++Builder 10.3 Rio

HotXLS Delphi Excel Component with source codes
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PDFelement Pro for Windows

PDFelement Pro for Windows – Affordable, Robust, Smart PDF Editor For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

PDFelement Pro offers the easiest way to edit PDF files, including text, images, links, pages, watermarks, backgrounds, headers, footers, etc.

The editor converts PDFs to Excel, Word, EPUB, PPT, Pages, HTML, RTF, and text formats, and creates them from images, HTML, and text file formats. It also supports annotations, text editing, form creation, data extraction, password protection, and permissions-based restrictions.

It’s most notable feature is its easily navigable interface. PDFelement’s home screen displays its essential capabilities — edit, create, combine, convert, and edit PDF form. Once you select an option and open a document, a cleanly toolbar for frequently-used functions such as commenting, security, and page management automatically show. Clicking on any of these opens a second toolbar with options related to that function. The experience is identical across Windows and the Mac version, so you can seamlessly switch from one platform to another.

As for PDF editing, you can modify PDFs directly by adding images, cropping, watermarking, adding links, changing the background, and editing text. For the last, you have a choice of doing in-line or within a paragraph-bounding box. Annotation options include text highlighting, sticky notes, stamps, signatures, and freehand drawing, and there’s a wealth of customizability using color, fonts, and other elements for most of these options.

If you need to compile data from PDF forms for spreadsheet analysis, PDFelement’s data extraction feature does it for you automatically and saves it to CSV or Excel file.

Reordering multipage PDFs is as simple as selecting a page and dragging it to a new location, forms creation is streamlined by dragging and dropping elements like edit boxes, list boxes and radio buttons onto the page.

Moving pages is as easy as dragging them where you want.
PDFelement Pro includes all the features mentioned here and more, is available for $99.95 for a single license. Mobile versions for Android and iOS are available for free.

PDFelement Pro’s interface is simple to navigate and much more straightforward than most other PDF editors and converters out there. It enables a smooth workflow for even the most advanced needs. At a fraction of the price of most other professional grade PDF editors, it’s one of the more compelling Acrobat alternatives.

Download a free trial of PDFelement Pro

Buy PDFelement Pro through this link (include 30% discount).