Transform your websites and web applications into Android apps effortlessly with our WebToApp WebView app template!
This versatile template is compatible with a wide range of web platforms, including HTML, PHP, WordPress, Progressive Web Apps, HTML 5 Games, WiX, Jimdo,, bubble, and Webflow. We’re proud to offer a 100% Google Play Store approval guarantee.

WebToApp for Android not only converts your website or web app into an Android app but also includes features like Push Notifications, URL Handling, APIs, and much more, all without the need for coding. It’s designed to work with any web app or website that operates on the Chrome browser, and you can easily submit your app to the Google Play Store.

In the demo app, we just set the domain to and compile, and get an Android app that renders exactly the same as the mobile version of Yahoo’s website:
Demo Android App download: WebApp.apk

For Software Developers:
Buy full Java source codes Android project + distribute license for EACH app you modify & publish,

If you use this source codes created two variant apps named WebApp Enterprise A and WebApp Organization B, then you need to purchase two licenses:

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Single Developer$119 89 per app
Enterprise$279 219 per app

If you need to redistribute the modified source codes based on this source codes, you need to purchase “Source Distribution License”:

Single Developer (Source Distribution)$279 219 per app
Enterprise (Source Distribution)$629 499 per app

Key features of WebToApp include:

  • Full Android App Template with no coding requirement
  • Automatic updates to stay current
  • Offline functionality with optional fallback to a local HTML folder
  • Native Loading Spinner for seamless experience
  • Chromium web engine for superior performance
  • Splash Screen display options
  • Smart Performance Cache Mechanism
  • Offline Screen with retry option
  • Comprehensive media and geolocation support
  • Customizable URL handling for external links
  • Multilingual support and dynamic UI elements
  • Advanced file upload and download capabilities
  • In-app purchases, subscriptions, and sharing features
  • Dynamic and customizable UI, including status bar color and navigation options
  • Extensive Ad support including Google AdSense
  • Unique identification options like UUID
  • QR Code Scanner, NFC integration, and much more

WebToApp ensures that your app remains engaging and interactive, with features like Pull To Refresh, Screenshot APIs, Social Login Support, and the ability to prevent the device from sleeping. Additionally, it supports monetization through Banner & Full-Screen Interstitial Ads and includes advanced functionalities like Push Notifications, OneSignal In-App Messages, and AdMob ads.

Your app will preserve user login sessions through cookie management, and you can personalize the user experience with custom CSS classes and JavaScript code injections. The template also comes with SSL Certificate Handling Options and App Link support for seamless integration with other apps and services.

Choose WebToApp for a hassle-free, comprehensive solution to turn your web presence into a dynamic Android app, ready to reach millions on the Google Play Store.

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