Our Free Android app for ChatGPT, as a third-party ChatGPT client app, it is fully compatible with the official OpenAI ChatGPT app. It directly uses WebView to access the official ChatGPT website, so it provides a 100% authentic user experience. All features are updated along with OpenAI, and it supports ChatGPT Plus and all its plugins. The only difference from the official Android app is: no need for Google Mobile Services (GMS)to install and use, so it can be used on all Android devices, including support for all Android phones and tablets. Regardless of whether your device has a Google service framework or not.
You can log into ChatGPT using the official OpenAI account, and use the ChatGPT Plus subscription purchased from the official OpenAI website. All accounts and subscriptions are bought directly through the official OpenAI website, not through us or any other third party intermediaries, You also don’t need to enter your OpenAI developer API key, so there’s no need for any security concerns.

The Android app we provide here is completely free, but if you purchase the full source code we offer, you can enable in-app purchase or ad support. The ChatGPT Android application source code we provide has been fully tested and updated following the recommendations of the current release version of Android Studio. You only need to open the project directory in Android Studio and import the project, then you can directly click Build to generate an installable apk app package. Our source code complies with Google Play Store standards, so if you have a developer account for Google Play Store, you can directly upload a compiled version after changing the software provider’s name.

ChatGPT Android App APK download

For Software Developers:
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If you need to redistribute the modified source codes, you need to purchase “Source Distribution License”:
Single Developer (Source Distribution)$249 145
Enterprise (Source Distribution)$579 345

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